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The Incident Pit


The deepest part of the flooded old quarry has never been reached, and so the obsession to conquer it is fathomless. But with so many lives expended trying, is it bravery or sheer madness to attempt it? Despite Fiona’s objections, Martin still wants to go, even if this means diving on his own. But what really lies at the bottom of the Incident Pit?

eBook £0.99  Paperback £8.66

Hurricane Hill


Focussing on the political unrest of the 21st century, Hurricane Hill is a fast-paced novel, which examines the bond between soldiers on the battlefield and the effects that going to war has on an individual’s mentality. Hurricane Hill centres on the moral dilemma:

Which life is more valuable; that of a child or a brother-in-arms?

Paperback £5.86  Audiobook £16.00

The Fourth Wall


Wise old professor Joe Raymond walks on to stage and addresses us. He tells us about Stanislavsky's Fourth Wall, and how actors use this imaginary barrier to keep out their fear of the audience, but as this story unfolds, we see the actors have fragile barriers in their real lives too. When notorious murderer Peter McPherson is released early from prison, Rob's fourth wall begins to collapse with disastrous consequences. A past life and the actions of others materialise on stage in front of him. Guilt, secrets, suppressed truths and dangerous emotions suddenly burst through, closing the play and threatening financial ruin for Sam. Only by facing their real fears can the actors rebuild their lives, save the production – and Sam.


eBook £0.99

Charlie Bangers



What if everyone you ever loved never really died, if they never really left you, if you never had to grieve - paradise or what then?


Cumulonimbus, CBs, "Charlie Bangers"; what pilots affectionately call thunderstorm clouds.The dangerous fusion of warm air and moisture, colossal, unstoppable; spent only when their fury is done.


Adrian is convinced that his recently deceased father is reincarnated in his new born baby son, and when this desperate belief is mixed with the reckless ambitions of a money-crazed young businessman, another lethal combination develops. Consumed by the media hype they’ve created even immortality becomes a possibility, but when the existence of heaven itself is questioned then the clouds gather, the storm really begins.


eBook £2.16

The Baby Box


Yvonne is 45. She’s had an interesting life. She’s killed her step mother. She’s been in prison for the last 12 years. Two days ago she gave birth for the first time. Now she’s on the run from the police and a media crusade. We join her as she takes refuge in the empty, old family home, roaming from room to room, unlocking secrets and fears, trying to make sense of it all; telling us her story.


eBook £0.99

Going For The Wire




'Going For The Wire' is a collection of three stories of escape. It’s what we all want to do sometimes - break free. These people do.’

eBook £2.88

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